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I am a musicologist with research interests in Italian music and culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  I completed a PhD in musicology with a dissertation on the life and sacred music of the Genoese composer Simone Molinaro (ca. 1570-1636). Part of this work consists of a critical edition of Molinaro’s extant polyphonic and concerted sacred vocal music–nearly 900 total pages in transcription.  Most of the surviving publications of Molinaro’s music are unicum. Some of these works required restoration of missing notes and text due to damage to the original prints and manuscripts.

Since completing my dissertation I have continued my research on Molinaro’s music and Genoese culture with invited and keynote presentations at conferences and seminars in the United States and Italy (in both English and Italian). Much of my work has been undertaken from an interdisciplinary perspective. I have been particularly interested in issues of musical rhetoric, the relationship between art and music, typology and the theology of Renaissance music, and the paratexts of musical prints.

I have taught music history to undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students as both a graduate instructor and an adjunct professor.